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Heal anxiety, depression and ADHD,
come back to your
true self and create the
life you dream of ...

About you...

Are you struggling with anxiety and mood swings perhaps even depression?


Maybe you were recently diagnosed with ADHD, or have heard of it and think you may have it...

Perhaps you feel consumed by self-doubt, struggling with confidence and self-esteem.. 


You feel consumed by your emotions, and mood swings, ups and downs... 

You are sick and tired of repeating the same mistakes, or acting impulsively...

Maybe you struggle to maintain good relationships...

Self-medicating on drugs, prescription drugs, or anything you can get your hands on?

Also you:

have tried traditional psychotherapy or counseling and although it's great for your self-awareness it didn't bring you the results you expected.

"Just give me the answer" you may scream inside (or even out loud) as the therapist encourages you to find the answers yourself... 

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What if life could be easier?
Just imagine...

  • You wake up with a sense of purpose inspired for the day ahead...

  • You can appreciate and accept the love you have in your life... 

  • You feel that you have more energy than ever before, and you feel calm and relaxed throughout the day...

  • You attract wonderful people around you...

  • You feel a sense of wholeness...

  • You feel calm and collected throughout the day...

  • You feel confident and self-assured in every situation...

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Benefits of
Working with Me

I am a firm believer that we can talk all day long but unless we delve into the subconscious, it is likely that very little will change.

I combine Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and NLP to bring about rapid relief from lifelong issues. RTT®️ was invented by the brilliant UK therapist Marisa Peer combining the best of therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming. In just a session, we will go straight to the cause of the issue, understand what really happened, let go of the negative emotion and empower you to move forward. I use EFT to dissolve emotions that have remained in the body.


Through NLP coaching strategies I empower your mind for future success, and quick elimination of anything else that may come up for you.

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I am a Licensed Practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️) and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.


I spent 8 years in corporate, having everything and nothing. I had a good lifestyle but I had no sense of purpose, no feeling of having left my imprint in the world. Eventually, something had to give. After a huge amount of personal and professional stress, I found myself medicated on the full range of modern-day medication for anxiety, ADHD, and depression. 

After 6 months of therapy, counseling and medication.... 

Hi  I 'm
Dea  Fileva

What Happens in a Session?

Before the session, we will have a short discovery call to establish we are a good fit. During the RTT session, we will begin with a short conversation (about 20 minutes), which gives me the opportunity to learn about you and your background. Afterwards, following a short induction, we will get your subconscious mind take you straight to the root cause of the issue, which we will then reframe and install new empowering beliefs.

You remain in full control during the session, and I cannot make you do anything you wouldn’t normally do. Hypnosis is simply a deeply relaxed state in which you have access to your subconscious mind. 

In subsequent sessions, I will empower you to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to heal any remaining traumatic emotions, and change your beliefs.

Other Areas I  Help With...

Compulsive Behavior
Panic Attacks

Food /Diet
Weight Problems
Self Esteem
Achieving Goals


Career Issues
Interview Skills
Public Speaking
Sexual Problems
Conception/ Pregnancy


Driving Skills
Skin Problems
Sleep Problems


Happy Clients

Thank you Dea for turning my life, my self-belief and my confidence around.
I came to you at a time when I was at my most vulnerable and confused self. I didn’t know what was wrong and had tried many methods and avenues to healing. One session with you and the subsequent recoding that you provided to me has changed my mindset completely.

My previous confident self is returning, slowly and surely stronger than ever. I came to you with about 5 different issues, not sure which one to work on and you kindly and clearly allowed me the space to figure out the key components. You are calm, patient, thoughtful and knowledgeable in your field.

The perfect person to partner me on my journey to self-belief and an extraordinary life, thank you. 

- Lazara, UK, Self-Belief and Confidence


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