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RTT is a fast-working, award winning form of therapy developed over 30 years by Marisa Peer, a highly acclaimed UK Therapist. RTT combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural Therapy and NLP to bring about rapid relief from a range of issues.


Since our brain is designed to protect us, painful memories often get repressed. During RTT we access the subconscious using hypnosis. Under hypnosis the mind is in a completely relaxed, natural state of inward focus.

In this way, we can access deeply buried childhood (or adulthood) memories. After that using various techniques and tools, we can reframe limiting beliefs. At the end of the session we use positive suggestions and we install them  in the subconscious mind. Some people feel the effect instantly, others gradually over the days immediately after the session, and other still see changes retroactively: the change may no be felt instantly, but looking back you can see the changes.


Many issues, both simple and complex, are often resolved in a single session. When we have accumulated layers of protection and conditioning, multiple sessions may be needed. In your discovery call, we will establish whether one or more sessions will be needed. You can combine those with Emotional Freedom Technique sessions that will complete clear the traumatic experience from the body. You can read more on EFT here.

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