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Trauma is a trapped emotional energy that we have not yet rationalised.


A traumatic experience is an overwhelming situation when we felt out of control. As we have not had the ability to rationalise and process the situation, the negative energy remains in our bodies. 


It is like our body gets stuck in a fight or flight mode, and this response gets triggered every time something reminds us of the event.


PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress disorder is the most well-known form of trauma. It is a response to a single traumatic event. A classic example is a traumatic car accident.


Complex PTSD is sustained trauma, a repeated exposure to a traumatic event over a period of time, such as physical or sexual abuse.


Trauma can have a long-term impact on our brain long-term impact in our life, and affect our relationships, physical and emotional health.


What most of us do not realise that for trauma to happen there doesn’t have to be a horrific event. A lot of people view PTSD or trauma as something that veterans experience, and this is not necessarily the case. 


Even just verbal abuse, such as harsh critical words or insults can cause a form of PTSD or even complex PTSD.


If you are feel like you have been traumatised by an event or serious of events, please reach out today to see how I can help you.

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