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Relationships are key to all aspects of our life.


We have personal and intimate relationships, but we also have work relationships with managers and employees, and even with people we meet occasionally throughout our day-to-day life.


You may be struggling to relate to your children, to have an intimate relationship or to communicate with your manager or your employees.


We all experience a lot of pressure in our day-to-day life, and we all may sometimes overreact or not express our thoughts and emotions in the best possible way. Miscommunications and arguments can leave us frustrated, rejected, disappointed or angry.


In our very early years, we learn how to relate to people by building relationships with our caregivers. Sometimes, we do not learn that in the healthiest way possible, and that creates problems later in life.


Resolving relationship issues is like peeling an onion - oftentimes we have built layers and layers of coping mechanisms and protection. It is crucial to understand, and transform those in order to have authentic, and fulfilling relationships.


It all starts with the relationship you have with yourself.


To truly understand that, and rebuild it in a healthier way, we need to dig deep and change some long-held beliefs. 


If you feel ready for the challenge, reach out today for a free consultation call, to see how I can help you.

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