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It is normal to feel low from time to time, but when this becomes a frequent feeling, it may be a sign of a depressive mood or depression.


Some of us use the word too loosely, often to describe a low mood that passes by on its own.


Whatever it may be - a transient feeling of a deeply low mood, or diagnosable depression, I want you to know I can help and you are not alone.


Have you ever thought about the causes of depression?


As a Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️) practitioner, I believe depression stems from one or more key issues:


 1. Not following your heart’s desire

2. Not having love and/or connection in your life

3. Harsh critical words you say to yourself


A lot of times when we feel depressed, we also do not believe there is a way out. 


We don’t believe there is a solution for us, a way out of depression.


I can reassure you that if you feel this way, it is completely natural and you are not alone. I would also like to reassure you that there is a way out once we get to the root cause of depression.


Once we change that, and once we start following our heart’s desire, and establish genuine meaningful connections in our lives, our feelings can take a very positive turn, often very quickly.

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