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A lot of life events can affect our confidence and self-esteem.


Problems at work, in relationships, even everyday stress can cause us to double our ability to handle things. 


Self-esteem is built in early life. There is nothing that boosts your self-esteem more than praise. Praise is something some of us are lucky to have been brought up with it. If you asked someone who has natural healthy self-esteem, and few doubts, they are likely to tell you they have been encouraged a lot while growing up.


On the contrary, harsh critical words will make you wither.


Persistent negative and critical thinking can cause self-doubt and cause you to avoid situations, and hardly make any progress because you start fearing failure.


This can also create a catch 22 situation. When you don’t take on new challenges or move forward in life, you can start to feel even more hopeless and helpless.


Confidence can be rebuilt, if you are willing to explore the causes, to take on responsibility, to change the language you speak to yourself, and the vision you have of yourself.


Confidence is something we are all born with. No baby ever doubts her sense of significance or is shy to ask for anything she needs, but it is often taken away from us through neglect, abuse, or harsh critical words. It is up to you to rebuild the phenomenal confidence you were born with.

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