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Anxiety is a completely natural feeling when we are in a dangerous or even unpleasant situation.


When we find ourselves continuously worrying about the future, however, it may interfere with our lives or day-to-day activities. 


It may also have other unpleasant side effects such as sweating, tension, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours, panic attacks, and avoidant behaviour as we would do anything to avoid triggering the anxiety.


Today more and more people experience anxiety, so if you are experiencing these symptoms, they are most likely an indication of anxiety. 


What people often don’t realise, however, is that anxiety is often a deeply routed behaviour in response to certain events we perceive as threatening. These events all too often occurred in our childhood, and our interpretation of them continues to affect us today, as we avoid situations that may be similar to those events, and may lead us to experience fear, anxiety, or panic.


What is the difference between stress and anxiety? 


Stress usually occurs in the moment or when a stressful event is certain to occur in the near future (a stressful meeting with a manager, or a relative, for example), whereas anxiety, is worrying about the future, about things that may or not happen and creating possible situations that cause us stress.


It’s more a sustained form of stress, that creates physical changes in our bodies.


It’s a complex condition, and if you are finding yourself having fought it for years (often with little or no results), let me reassure you that you are not alone. With the help of Rapid Transformation Therapy, we can change the way you feel and think about such situations, and relieve symptoms of anxiety.

Download Your Free Relaxation Audio. Be free from anxiety and worries.

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